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Whether you need ad-hoc or on-going HR support, we're here to help. My extensive experience and flexible, no-fuss approach has made us a trusted HR specialist for many businesses. 


Find out more about what we can do for you! 

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General HR Advice

People management is complicated - many questions can arise.

I can help you with finding the answers so that you can run the people side of your business compliantly and with ease.

  • Award Interpretation

  • Managing employee performance

  • Engagement Initiatives

  • Industrial Relations issues including union and EBA negotiation 

  • Changing employee terms and conditions

  • Managing Conflict

  • Compliance with workplace agreements, awards, National Employment Standards (NES) and other legislation

  • Recruitment and Selection 

  • Disputes

  • Advising start up businesses on HR requirements

  • Strategic HR Advice to CEO's and Boards

  • Phone, email or face to face advice as required

Employment Templates

Employment templates set out standards that lead to a productive and professional workplace.


If you need any assistance with writing a contract, job description or other HR document, I'm here to help.

  • Letters of offer/Contracts

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbook

  • Performance Appraisal Forms

  • Probation and Disciplinary Templates

  • Policies and Procedures related to employment (e.g. Equal Employment Opportunity, Privacy, Code of Conduct, Harassment, Discipline and Termination, OHS and Workplace flexibility) 

HR Coaching

Coaching is one of our passions. I love seeing young talents thrive.

Whether you need advice from a seasoned HR specialist, are looking to bounce ideas off someone or you'd like an on-going mentoring arrangement, I can help.

I ensure that what you learn stays within the business and is hands on and practical. 

Suitable for:

  • New and emerging HR practitioners

  • Line managers and business owners

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Contact me for an obligation free conversation about how I can help your business.

0414 605 253

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